Meadowvale East Apostolic Church was founded in 1994. Members first gathered at Centennial Rouge United Church in Scarborough for the first official night service on a warm summer’s night – Sunday, July 24th, 1994.

Throughout this time, the saints continued attending Sunday afternoon services at Mount Zion church in Toronto. The demand was overwhelming and the ministers decided to add Tuesday night prayer meetings and Bible classes.

Word had spread in the community that an Apostolic church was in the area. Many came, seeking to know more about Christ. Thanks to Pastor Castro in Pickering and Pastor Rigg in Scarborough, candidates were baptized in the mighty and wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

Since the congregation had grown into a substantial size, both Rev. McGann and Rev. Melvin Steele contemplated day services for Meadowvale East.

After consulting with Apostolic church officials, Pastor McGann received the go-ahead. The monumental day was Sunday, August 9th, 1998. Members of other congregations all over Toronto joined in for the inaugural day service.

The foundation was laid and the workers were gathered. But it was time to build - literally. Fundraising teams “Grace” and “Truth” were established and goals were set. The goal? A place of worship the saints could call home.

Questions arose – “Should we build from the ground up?” “Should we purchase another sanctuary?” “Which part of the city should we move to?”

Pastor McGann found the answer in the spring of 2002. While in the Warden/Ellesmere area of Scarborough he noticed the ‘FOR LEASE’ sign on the property of a 26,000 sq. ft. building.

The owner was firm on his “lease only” policy. However, the Lord had a different plan. After negotiations and talks with the former owner, the building was purchased in July of 2002.

Architects were hired to design the layout of Phase 1. The building permit was obtained in February 2003, and construction started soon after.

MEAC relocated to 1510 Warden Avenue in the summer of 2003. Contractors worked diligently to finish Phase 1 for the 5th Anniversary Services in November of the same year.

The saints of MEAC have continued their tradition of helping others in the community.

Community events are as follows: a fundraising picnic is held every year during the summer. The Annual Year-End Community Dinner is held in December. The MEAC Food Bank reaches out to those less fortunate in the area. The Sunday School Department organizes transportation for children who want to come to church. The Women’s Auxiliary has several clothing drives to help a women’s shelter in Toronto. Homework Help is available to elementary and high school students. And our newest addition is the Meadowvale East Christian School, which is open to children and teens on Saturday mornings.

MEAC has carried the mandate of “Excellence” since January 2003: Through Jesus, we strive for Excellency in all that we do.

Until the triumphant day of the Lord’s return, MEAC will continue His ministry on this side of the vineyard.