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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 7 - Acts 5:1-11

In the continual moving of the Holy Ghost, the scene shifts to another part of town where the power of God was in was in divine action. This power was so dynamic and convicting that all that heard the word of God sold their possessions and brought the proceeds to the Apostles' feet. Men and women were so affected that they gave up their possessions, stop attending to their routine daily chores and work habits, considered themselves as nothing in this world as the Holy Ghost moved on their hearts. This is how efficacious the Holy Ghost is, when one allows Him to have total and absolute control in their lives. The Bible records that in this text, a certain man...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 6 - Acts 4:1:12

The Holy Ghost continued its manifestation in the lives of the Apostles as Jerusalem became saturated with the intoxicating power of the Holy Ghost. The Bible says that as Peter and John spoke to the people, the priests and the captains of the temple, and the Sadducees came upon them. They were extremely upset that these power packed men taught the people and preached through Jesus the resurrection from the dead. They taught what they experienced having seen Jesus after his resurrection, they could not but attest to the reality of this event. This gave them complete assurance in Jesus words before his death," that I must lay this body down, but after three days I will take it up again",...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Happening Now!

Greetings! In the series of writings that I have been doing over the past several weeks on the Spirit of God in action, the basis of these are taken from the book of Acts during the period AD 33 - AD 37. This week I am impelled to write about the current actions of the Holy Spirit in this era - 2012. There are many that have only heard of a historical Jesus, but have never seen or felt his power during their lifetime. This week’s message is to confirm that the same Spirit of God in action in the AD 33 is the same Spirit of God in action today, and there has been no diminution of this power. At...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action – Deflecting the Glory - Scene 5 - Acts 3: 11-26

This week writing centres on the Apostle Peter response to the people's amazement of the healing of the lame man, and how he deflected the glory from himself to the Lord Jesus Christ.The Bible says that the unnamed lame man which was miraculously healed through the power of the Holy Ghost, held Peter and John, and all the people ran together unto them (Peter, John and the Lame Man), greatly wondering of the miraculous act that had taken place. They have never experienced anything like this before, so this working of God brought great astonishment.When the Apostle Peter saw this display of amazement by the people, he opened his mouth and spake forth these declarations:•    Ye Men of Israel•    Why marvel...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 4

In our continued series on the Action of the Holy Ghost, the rapidly changing scenery brings us to Acts 3: 1-10, with Apostle Peter and Apostle John now the main characters. The Bible records that these two Apostles went up to the Temple about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon (9th Hour) for their daily prayers and were met by a certain man who was lame from his mother's womb. He was normally taken there by his relatives daily to beg for money. On this particular day, the Spirit of God in action allowed this certain lame man to request money of the Apostles Peter and John. The scripture records that the Apostle Peter and John looked straight at this man, and...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 3

Greetings! In this week scripture (Act 2:43-47), we are once again seeing the working of the Holy Spirit after the Day of Pentecost. Dr. Luke recorded that this radiating, pulsating, animating power of the Holy Ghost created such stir in Jerusalem and it's environ that: Fear came upon on every soul Many wonders and signs were done by the Apostles All that believed were together All that believed had all things in common The Believers sold their possession and goods The Believers gave to all that had need The Believers continued daily with one accord in the temple The Believers broke bread and went from house to house with gladness and sincere hearts The Believers praised God, and enjoyed favour of...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 2

Greetings! In continuation of our series, on the "Action of the Holy Ghost", the scene changes slightly in Acts 2: 14-36, as the manifestation of the Spirit moved from the upper room to the environs of Jerusalem. The 120 disciples and others who have never seen or received such spectacular anointing of the Holy Ghost, which fell upon them and created a huge noise in Jerusalem that could not be contained in the Upper Room. Dr. Luke recorded that the multitude in Jerusalem came together and were confounded because they have never witnessed anything like this before on their solemn Pentecost Feast Day. The action of the Holy Spirit upon the lives the disciples created amazement and phenomenal works that astounded...
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The Holy Ghost (Spirit) in Action - Scene 1

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Redeemer. It affords me great privilege to welcome you to a new and different means of communicating God's messages for the end time. As the Pastor of Meadowvale East Apostolic Church I decided that we would embark on this new Initiative of weekly writings of my thoughts, revelations and meditations on the Scriptures that has been helpful to me personally in my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. This method is not intended to replace or usurp the authority of the scriptures or the need to attend worship services, but rather as a supplement for those who have the time and ability to access the web. I will try to give...
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